Pads preventivos reusables

Pads preventivos reusables Pads preventivos reusables Pads preventivos reusables Pads preventivos reusables Pads preventivos reusables

Pads preventivos reusables


* One Size

* Reusable

* Wash with your fingers with water and soap

* Clear colo

Do not absorb the loss of breast milk ... Prevent it.

LilyPadz will be your partner during the first months of breastfeeding! Its revolutionary and patented, non-absorbent design actually prevents breast milk leaks by exerting gentle pressure on the nipple, keeping milk in the breast for your baby. LilyPadz, made of 100% medical grade silicone, offers lactating mothers flexibility, breathability, invisibility and "second skin" comfort that no other breastfeeding pad can offer.

Economical and eco-friendly
LilyPadz is the cost-effective solution for disposable paper nursing pads. Depending on the brand, a nursing mother can spend more than $ 30,000 pesos on disposable pads over the life of only ONE pair of LilyPadz. Not to mention the garbage that you would avoid dumping!

Slim, discreet and comfortable.
LilyPadz ultra slim design provides the most discreet and comfortable breastfeeding cushion on the market today. Our patented silicone design is imperceptible for any type of clothing, which gives you the freedom to look good, feel good and feel safe.

Clinically proven to be safe
Made with 100% medical grade silicone, LilyPadz has proven to be a safe solution for breastfeeding pads. A clinical study comparing LilyPadz with absorbent pads showed a lower risk of many common complications of breastfeeding, such as mastitis, candidiasis, and duct obstruction.

How to use it?

  1. Turn your sticky side of LilyPadz® tilted towards the skin.
  2. With one finger in the center, press the nipple firmly.
  3. With the flattened nipple, smooth the edges of the LilyPadz® on the skin, making sure to smooth the air pockets that form underneath.

        Caring for your LilyPadz®
        To maintain the adherence of your LilyPadz®, we recommend that you wash it daily with a neutral or baby soap. Always rinse well after cleaning and let your LilyPadz® air dry.

        Tip: LilyPadz® can be used at night without a bra, a luxury for any nursing mother's dream!

        Also available in Nude color