Roller masajeador manual


Roller masajeador manual


Baby Pollito is the exclusive representative of LaVie in Chile! Do not spend more on pages of the competition or by Mercado Libre. In Baby Pollito you find quality, excellent price and personalized after-sales service

Roller for breast massage

Breast massage is an important part to guarantee the proper flow of milk and to help empty the breast. Hand massage can be uncomfortable and painful over time. That's why we created the Breastfeeding Roller! To help give your hands a rest while providing more stimulation and compression.

✅Vaced more effectively and Improves the flow and lowering of milk.

Stimulates the chest.

✅Silicone medical grade and free of BPA.

There are 5 different ways to use the massager.

✅Waterproof so you can use it with a warm shower.

It is for manual use, not electric. Check also the battery and vibrating version of Lavie, ideal for mastitis and obstructed ducts and the Hot Massager Pack with vibration:

Check also the Electric massager for breastfeeding
Check also the Pack of electric hot massagers for lactation

Only 2 units of this product remain

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